Good Boy Jesse


When I heard that Roberta wrote "Good Boy Jesse" about her loyal Golden Retriever, I wanted to read it immediately and as soon as I did get it, that is exactly what I did, read it straight through. Anyone who has a dog wonders what they're thinking, do they think? Of course. This book is emotional for anyone who has loved a dog like Jesse. As I read this book I knew how fortunate I was to have my loving English Springer Spaniel, Dougal, curled up in his bed at my feet, snoring away, and comforting to me. From the moment Jesse goes home with his Mom you visualize him in the car with her climbing up on her lap and putting his paw on the wheel. You know right off the bat, Good Boy Jesse, had her wrapped around his paw.
Reading about Good Boy Jesse's breakfast and dinner routines is just so familiar. Also familiar is how Jesse followed Mom and Dad everywhere, like really everywhere. This is a heartwarming story that once read will live in your heart for a very long time. By the end of your read, you're so glad your dog is with you to hug, love, groom and if you don't have a dog I bet you'll want to go out right away to find a Golden just like Good Boy Jessee. Wonderful book. Loved it.
Date Added: 01/28/2012 by Jan Young
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