Student Clubs

Welcome to our Student Clubs

Here we are going to have the links pertaining to all the activities related to our Student Clubs. There will be a club per language. Each language student club will be comprised of various club activities, such as lively public discussions in our language forums now and also in chat rooms later, youtube videos, blogs, a private messaging system through our forums so that students may interact with one another privately, music lyrics and videos, competitions,

The forums are places where discussions about many topics are located at. You can read the posts on each topic, comment on the topic by writing and posting your reactions, start a new topic. Each language has many forum categories and each category may have many topics. So let's say that you are an English speaker learning French. You will then access the forums either through the main English or French pages, or through here. These are examples of typical forum categories: Learning French as a second language, for English Speakers: Here you can see and create forum topics on grammar, pronunciation, general advice, etc.
Best Bilingual Books Category: Here we will have one or more forums related to each of our books.

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